Image via: Markus Lupfer
Few things are better than waking up knowing you can spend the whole day in sweats, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, those days don't come very often, so you have to get creative. Creative options usually don't skew so feminine, but Markus Lupfer had the right idea when designing his spring/summer 2014 collection, which this look comes from. This girl looks effortlessly cute and casual as well as extremely comfortable. The length of the sweatshirt and choice of a-line pleated skirt make it so the little-embellished swing top still flatters. Though it's very plain, it's still a bold look with the satin pink panel and shoulder detailing. Accessorizing is optional, some necklace layering could dress this up, but it doesn't need it, as seen here. Mary Jane style flats keep this look young, tasteful and fun. Who needs to wait until spring for this look?
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