Photo by Henry Leutwyler via: TheCut.com
Tonight, the New York City ballet has its annual fall gala where all the fabulous people come out to celebrate and hobnob with other fabulouses in beautiful gowns and dashing tuxes and it's all very pretty and high society. This year's ballet celebrates Black Swan choreographer's (and Natalie Portman's husband) Benjamin Millepied and his unnamed ballet. As in recent years, the company went the collaboration route to dress the dancers, and this year they chose couturier Iris Van Herpen who created a plastic design that moves and reflects light differently at all angles. She worked with an architect to bring the unique and innovative look to life, resulting in what is surely one of the most fascinating fashion innovations in recent years. I'm not going to say I'm not extremely jealous of the chosen people who get to see these in movement on stage tonight.

via: The Cut

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