Happy Scandal premiere day! We're all excited to see what fabulous outfits Olivia Pope pulls out of her closet for tonight's episode. The show quickly (and rightfully) joined the list of shows with avid fashion followers by its second season. From Olivia Pope's perfect athletic looks and luxurious loungewear to her "wears the pants" in a fashionable way work attire and red carpet-worthy formal looks, it's not hard to see why. Like Mad Men, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl before it, costume designer Lyn Paolo has been understandably thrust from behind the scenes into the press to spill her secrets and share each look's designer components. Paolo has gone on record saying she has worked closely with star Kerry Washington on curating Olivia Pope's sleek, modern wardrobe, and Washington live tweets the show, sharing the designers of outfits she's seen in throughout each episode. Pope's D.C. fixer professional-but-feminine wardrobe is one that isn't impossible to duplicate, and can inspire those required to wear professional style clothing in the workplace to get a little creative. 

And if you've ever wanted to get an OP-like wardobe, now you can. Well, that is if you can shop at Saks. The luxury department store is giving Scandal fashion fans that opportunity by collaborating with Paolo and Washington to sell a Scandal-inspired collection at Saks stores, with Scandal-inspired windows going up in select cities nationwide. Complete with look-alike mannequins, I'd say the collaboration turned out pretty spot on. Check out the Vine above to see a video collage of all the looks to see if you agree.

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