Stefano Pilati, image via: Purple.fr
Fashion month is about to come to an end, which naturally brings a state of reflection. This made me think of Stefano Pilati, who was euphemistically dismissed from YSL and then later named creative director of Ermenegildo Zegna. He broke fashion convention a few weeks ago when he released his first womenswear collection to the press and consumers in the same week. He revived the brand's Agnona line with "Collection Zero," which is all great, but what's even greater is that the clothes are well designed, simple, modern and I would like to have them. The silhouettes do not adhere to any specific trends of the time and the textures, patterns and colors invite you to wear these clothes every season. Glad to see he's back on his designing feet and making news in the process. Oh, it's not like he's not charging designer prices for them. Find some of my choice pieces from the line below, all via: TheCut.com.

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