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The rise in popularity of menswear over recent years has led to an interesting suit trend, one that becomes very evident when the peacocks come out for Pitti Uomo and fashion weeks. We pretty much know that the suit isn't only for formal events and suit-required office environments anymore, as a trend in people electing to wear suit for fun is in an upswing. But this doesn't mean donning your Sunday best for Sunday brunch, necessarily. An interesting appearance of what I'll refer to as the "day suit" helps classify exactly what is formal and what is recreational suit wearing.

Recreational suit wearers often belong to the bare ankle club, cuffing their suit pants to reveal sockless feet in any number of shoe varieties, or when it's cold, exposing crazy sock patterns artfully crumpled around the ankles. These suits are more fitted and often more stylized, sometimes more colorful, usually have a pocket square and definitely don't require a tie. Shoes from sneakers to oxfords can be worn with this kind of suit and if you're feeling adventurous, mixing and matching the tops and pants is common practice. Just like girls have "day" dresses and "day" heels, now the guys get to play, and it's a pleasing trend to discover. 

How do you tell the difference between a suit for fun and a suit for formal? Well, I guess they aren't always so different, but you can kind of tell. Tie (bonus points for tie bar!), and formal shoes finishing off a fully suited look, toned down colors and a limited color/pattern option for the shirt underneath are all telling signs. Oh, and if the pants are the deemed "appropriate" length, meaning no ankles in sight, you're probably looking at someone with a place to go.
Suit for fun. Image via: TheSartorialist.com
Suit for purpose (although VERY well styled with personality). Image via: TheSartorialist.com
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