Image via: Nordstrom.com
what it is: Sole Society, "Helena" bootie
why I love it: This bootie, (which comes in four colors) reminds me a lot of a Christian Louboutin bootie I fell in love with a year or so ago, in terms of the shape. Booties are obviously great for fall and winter, and the shape of this one is so unique and feminine, I think it would add a gorgeous line to the end of any leg in any outfit. I love the idea of a red bootie because it's a little more unexpected. Black is obvious, and there's a reason for that, but red can look good finishing off a monochrome neutral outfit, complementing red somewhere else in an outfit or artfully popping with other colors. I somehow don't own any red shoes, so I'm thinking I'm going to have to grab these to remedy that rather large problem.
where to get it: Nordstrom.com, $79.95

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