Doheny Tomato Multi
Walden Cement Electric Blue
Monti Charcoal Black Fluo
what (who) it is: Ruthie Davis

why I love it: I was fact checking something for work last week when I first found out about Ruthie Davis, and I instantly felt FOMO for not knowing about this amazing shoe collection before. The above are just three shoes from the fall collection, but each style comes in multiple colors/color combinations. I love how the styles and colors take traditional shoe styles and add a little excitement to them without making them too crazy. The color combinations are just right. Any one of these shoes adds instant interest to an outfit while still being very wearable. They can serve as both an outfit maker or a great complement to a great outfit, and that is a balance that is incredibly hard to strike.

where to get it: pre-fall and fall collection not yet available, but shop available shoes at Ruthie Davis

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