Image via: Refinery29.com
I often long for occasions where I can wear a good tulle skirt. They don't come around very often, hence I don't own one. But THIS stylish fashion week go-er knows how to work this skirt without looking like an adult 8-year-old. Let's start with the foundation. Pairing this voluminous skirt with just a plain long sleeved t-shirt was a great start. I love how she went monochrome with it. It's an understated almost neutral gray-blue that adds some modernity and sophistication. She keeps it light and fun with accessories, though. The pink candy wrapper clutch and large charm statement necklace are perfect complements to an otherwise simple outfit. She could have gone any number of ways with the shoes. Flats with a skirt that length threaten to stunt legs, and crazy heels might have been a touch too much. She went an unexpected yet delightful route with sneakers of the extremely bright variety. Sneakers are pretty random, and might not have worked with this, but the ridiculousness (in a good way) of the color kind of demand that they just work. This skirt can go twee or costume in so many ways, and she just owns it. Well done.

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