Welcome to "outfit lab," something new that my desire to stare at outfits has taken to a new level! Here I will post an outfit from any number of photo genres--street style, celebrity, editorial, etc-- and "dissect" the look (get it? lab, dissect..ha ha..anywayyy). Today we alliterate with menswear!
Image via: Club Monaco
Today we have a casual fall look that is pretty easy to duplicate. Though this brooding, city strolling model is wearing head-to-ankle Club Monaco (pretty sure he's wearing Vans sneakers), this look can be patched together by any number of brands. Let's break it down. We have a standard collared shirt at the base of things, worn under a sweater quarter zip. With black jeans (also would look great with traditional blue!) and sneakers, this potentially professional or semi-formal look is toned down to what annoying people refer to as "smart casual" and it's an easy polished outfit, a great start. But THEN, this baseball jacket situation really takes it up a notch. 

The jacket is a non-traditional choice in a great combination of neutrals. Instead of a blazer or a pea coat, this option is unique while still on trend, masculine, casual and cool. Especially for fall, baseball jackets are a great choice to have in the outerwear arsenal for those transitional not-too-cold days. If you're spending a lot of time outside, it makes for an upgraded look no matter what's underneath, and thoughtful layering, forgive the pun, knocks it out of the park. Baseball season might be ending, but this jacket is a great investment for fall AND spring.

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