When each season starts and the prospect of new outfit possibilities are fresh, I mentally evaluate my wardrobe to get the thought process started. I usually come upon several gaps to fill that would serve an important part of outfit making, and make it a goal to search for the perfect piece to fill those gap as the season approaches and starts. Now that fall is here and it's the first day of a month perfect for cool-but-not-cold weather clothes and layering, here are some items I'll be on the hunt for in October for fall and winter, as told by street style.
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leather/faux leather jacket
Every girl needs one of these in her wardrobe. I just got rid of the one I'd had for years and hardly ever wore because it didn't quite suit my style, nor was it very comfortable. I hung onto it because I knew it was an important item to have, but now I'm looking for one I'll actually want to wear.
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leather/faux leather pants
Obviously I won't be wearing these with my new jacket, but ever since last year, I've been looking for a well-fitting pair of these. I think they're such a great alternative to jeans with a slouchy t-shirt or big sweater, and they go equally well with high tops as they do with pumps. They're a new must-have.
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full length jumpsuit
Yes, really. I think I've been fighting this for a while because I so want to reject the idea of them, but I've seen so many look great on other people, I'm giving in and looking for one that flatters me just as well.
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crazy textured skirt
The thing with style today is that rules have pretty much gone out the window. At one point, a skirt like this probably could be considered either super fancy or just plain weird and unwearable. That's not the case anymore, and I want one.
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trench coat
This is another wardrobe staple that I should definitely have, but don't. I have issues with coats and their weight, and this is perfect for those spring and fall transitional times, especially when the weather can be on the rainy side. I just need to invest in one that's classic and fits.
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pea coat
Yet another outwear staple, and I have yet to break down and get one. As the weather inches closer to cool than to winter coat cold, this type of coat is essential. A short navy one in a nice thickness would fit the bill, and I'm keeping my eyes peeled.
Image via: Richesforrags.tumblr.com
block heel brown booties
Last year I bought a pair of lower heeled black booties so that if I wanted a little height during the day without killing my feet and feeling like a giant, I could have that. I ended up wearing them for day and night, and now I'd like a brown counterpart, along the lines of the rag & bone celeb favorite, but in a more human price range (hint, hint, those exact ones).
Image via: Songofstyle.com
leopard flats/pumps
Another holdover from last year, I see these in street style and on the street in real life and still want them. They're a great way to finish off a plain outfit, and the tones that usually come in a leopard print pattern are so neutral that they're great for pattern mixing, too. I need to settle on pairs that I like, because I'm pretty picky about shoe shape and there are a lot of questionable options out there, especially in an animal print.

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